About Us

Henderson Reporting & Transcribing Inc. incorporated in 2004 to service the Ministry of the Attorney General and private law firms with accurate, secure, and efficient audio recordings and transcripts. We pride ourselves on our small operation of 30-40 staff, finding a positive balance between a supportive workplace culture and the fire for career growth.

Our team of courtroom monitors can be available in as little as 30 minutes notice for court. They are well trained, accurate, professional, and have up-to-date training on the latest software. They each hold security clearance through Triton Canada and have signed confidentiality agreements within our firm.

Our team of transcriptionists are certified through the Authorized Court Transcriptionist (ACT) of Ontario Association. They have been specially trained to produce verbatim transcriptions of court proceedings and other highly confidential recordings such as 911 calls, police bodycam footage, cell phone calls, police video statements, and many other speech to text projects.